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How we use cookies

A cookie is a very small file that is downloaded to your computer to access certain web pages. Cookies allow a website, among other things, store and retrieve information about browsing habits of a user or your computer, depending on the information they contain and the way you use your computer, can be used to recognize to user.
The cookies we use in serve to improve the services we offer. Some are strictly necessary for the page to work well and others serve to improve your performance and user experience.
In we use cookies that are listed below:
Strictly necessary cookies are used to:
• Remember the items in your shopping list.
• Remember where in the order you are.
Functional cookies are used to:
• Remember your details logon.
• Ensure your safety when you sign.
• Ensure that the look of the website is consistent.
• Provide live chat support.
Performance cookies are used to:
• Improve website performance by reducing the time it takes to load the pages you visit.
• Improve the user experience.
Target cookies are used to:
• You can share and click “like”.
• Send information to other websites to personalize your advertising
Cookies are used for analysis:
• to know the user behavior on the website of and consequently to improve the way that page responds to the demands of our customers.
Behavioral advertising cookies are used to:
• to know the user behavior on the website of and, consequently, to adapt our advertising to such behavior.
Examples of use

Cookies are used to improve some services, such as:
• They enable the functionality of certain services, such as payment, that would not work without these cookies.
• They enable a service that recognizes your device so you do not have to enter the same information multiple times for the same task.
• They calculate how many people use the services; and they can be modified to make them easier to use and ensure that there is sufficient capacity to be quick.
• Analyze the data to help us understand how to use online services to improve them.
If you do not enable cookies, some functions and pages will not work well.
If you want to delete cookies that you have on your computer, click “Help” menu of your browser for instructions.
The cookies we use in are treated by Cuenca Cathedral without in any case be sent to companies or individuals outside that group.
Also you find more information about cookies and how to manage in (English) or in the “Help” menu of your browser.

How long cookies are saved?

As you can see in the list on the following pages, many cookies are temporary and will disappear when you finish the session (when you close the browser). Other cookies are “permanent”, meaning it will be saved on your computer for a while.
In our list we detail the period of time during which cookies remain stored on your computer. Some local cookies are also used sometimes for local campaigns; these expire and disappear automatically at the end of the campaign.

What if I do not use cookies?

If you do not use cookies during your visit, certain functions and pages will not work correctly. For example, you can not create shopping lists.
If you want to delete any cookies already on your computer, see the instructions for your file management software to locate the file or directory in which cookies are saved.

About this document:

This document has been prepared in accordance with EU legislation on electronic communications (Directive 2009/136 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2009, by amending inter alia Directive 2002/58 / EC concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector). Under current legislation companies and organizations should provide visitors to their websites a clear and complete information about the use of cookies, especially about the purposes of processing the data in accordance with the provisions of Directive 95 / 46 / EC and must obtain user consent for activation of the cookie.

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