The timeless “look”: Cervantes and the freedom

"Freedom, Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts that the men gave the heavens; with it cannot be equaled the treasures that enclose the land and the sea: for freedom, as well as the honor, can and should venture life".
Don Quijote de la Mancha, Miguel de Cervantes

La “mirada” intemporal: Cervantes y la libertad

Cervantes and freedom is a sign of timeless look that explores, in our time, in the way that freedom is an integral concept in life and in the literature of Miguel de Cervantes, for whom his years of captivity were definitive to time to draw, through writing, the moral portrait of his time, breaking all the molds and giving way, with the Quijote, the birth of the modern novel.

It is impossible to understand the cervantino canon without the concepts of captivity and freedom, which are the essence of all his work.

Freedom, in Cervantes, becomes the key to his artistic work, in and out of the work. Impregnate his characters, the author himself and the millions of readers who have followed in his footsteps, symbolically riding across La Mancha in search of the highest ideals, through the centuries. Marks his vision of man and the world and is present continuously in its reflection on society and in the literary practice: wide, ironic, tolerant, open to individual peculiarities, enemy of dogmatism and only sign in the claim values such as justice, tolerance, courage, honor and the right to dream.

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