The close “look”: High expression

The close “look”: High expression

High expression, complements and at the same time give unitary sense to the two previous samples. This is an exhibition that sets the "closer look", the closest to us in space and time, and is conceived as an exercise in collective, in which works of Martin Chirino, Francisco Farreras, Luis Rafael Feito, Rafael Canogar, Gustavo Torner, Fernando Zóbel and Manolo Millares, essential figures of Spanish informalism exhibited, interspersed with photographs of John Barte.

It will be an excellent opportunity to see the works, sketches, ideas and intermediate processes in creating these artists who fought, getting, for breaking the ethical and intellectual captivity of an era, after them, and did not return to be the same in the territory of art. An artistic process that shown in vibrant dialogue with the photos which captured them in full creative action, as frank as shocking snapshots.

At the end of the historical avant-garde, when abstract art extends around the world, in Spanish art he had installed an autarchy that gripped artistic creation and, at the same time, kept it isolated from international currents. The Franco regime was belligerent with those aesthetic and artistic expressions that spoke, in a cryptic abstraction, unknown and subversive language -of a forbidden concept: freedom. Expressive and public freedom. 

The proposal on which these painters and sculptors developed their vision of art and the use of materials passed with relative facility the barriers of censorship, but was highly offensive to some academic institutions, that advocated a national art which exalt traditional values against the contact with art from abroad.

Manos-Mirada Cercana-Barte

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