Florencio Galindo (Ávila, 1947)

The painting Florencio Galindo (Adanero, Avila), an artist who has found a space and a perfectly own time for its creation, always moves in this duality between the ethical and the aesthetic, between the dirt and the diaphanous, between the turbid and extraordinarily defined. A poetic realism that trembles in its unique concept of beauty and that has led him to become the most prominent painter of the so-called second generation of Spanish realism.

Florencio Galindo (Ávila, 1947)

Born in Adanero, Ávila, in 1947 he won the Painting Prize of Fine Arts in 1976. Doctor of Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid and professor in the same faculty has had individual and group exhibitions in Madrid, Paris, New York , Helsinki, Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valladolid, Belgrade, Caracas, Munich, or Sao Paulo, etc.

National Drawing Award Pancho Cossio (1973) and National Prize for Painting Black and White (1974), among other awards and recognitions, the work of Florencio Galindo is in places such as museums of Contemporary Art in Madrid, Fine Arts Vitoria of Modern Art in Belgrade or Collection Manhattan Bank of New York.

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