Francisco Farreras (Barcelona, 1927)

Started early in the artistic activity under the direction of Antonio Gómez Cano and Mariano de Cossio, Farreras studied Fine Arts in Madrid, where he earned the title of professor of drawing. It is from 1954 when professionally began his artistic career, participating in many group and individual exhibitions in Spain and abroad. Paris, Helsinki, Madrid, New York, Tokyo, London and Zurich, among others, they are the cities that have better appreciated their proposals.

Francisco Farreras (Barcelona, 1927)

Artist concerned about the renewal of the paint, used as expressive pattern collage in which, through a color reduction based ochres and blacks in contrast with the white and yellow, gives a tension that never goes beyond the principles of order and composition. It becomes latent expressiveness through this intimate voltage, raised from a strictly plastic sphere.


"Before the arrival of the sixties artists had in front of him absolutely nothing"
Francisco Farreras

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