Borja Santurino - Project management

The architect Borja Santurino Yáñez, currently based in Madrid, is a graduate of the prestigious IE University. Despite his youth, his work and creativity is demanded by various European agencies. It has extensive international experience working with studies in Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dublin, Paris, Madrid and Milan.

Borja Santurino

Before making the leap alone and create his own studio, Borja has worked as an architect for the laureates studies EMBT in Barcelona and Urban-Agency in Copenhagen.

Throughout his career he has participated in the development of multidisciplinary projects among which include: public spaces HafenCity in Hamburg (EMBT), Taichung Tower in Taiwan (EMBT) and Copenhagen havn bridge (Urban-Agency). Among the great virtues of this architect are creativity, passion for work, his artistic vision and his translation of innovative ideas to real and feasible projects that do not leave indifferent.

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