Rafael Canogar (Toledo, 1935)

Rafael Garcia Cano, Rafael Canogar, studied with the painter Daniel Vázquez Díaz, between 1949 and 1954. He was a founding member of the group El Paso, of abstract influence, which was linked between 1957 and 1960. 

Rafael Canogar (Toledo, 1935)

From 1976 returned to abstraction from a new perspective. Through his work, invents and reinvents an aesthetic language that leads to a rupture and a new conception of time and space. The matter becomes metaphor, music and meeting point between the old and the modern. Canogar cares to express through painting, his idea of space; his works are endless areas that show an artist who does not need aesthetic features or historical boundaries to transform.

"The artist has the task of guarding culture and education, and actively makes it being an artist, being free."
Rafael Canogar


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