The exhibition space

The exhibition design of this cultural event in Cuenca Cathedral, designed by the young architect Borja Santurino, try to provide visitors a unique journey through the different approaches on the subject show the different participating artists.

Moving along the three existing areas we can perceive a sequence of different visions through a close look, represented by the Spanish informalists; a faraway look, by the Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei; and a timeless look, evoked by the universal figure of Miguel de Cervantes.

El espacio expositivo La poética de la libertad

The location is a key element in this design because having this privileged location carries the inherent responsibility to value and enhance the cathedral, imbibe Spanish pioneer in the winds of change and freedom that brought the Gothic style of architecture.

Considering the cathedral as an itinerant exhibition itself, the proposed Santurino maximizes the relationship between the work and the space it occupies, so that both sides enrich and support each other, offering dialogue and unique perspectives.

With this exhibition, the temple gets its medieval sense of "Sacred" or protection space of the persecuted, becoming, along with the artists who hosts during the show, active protagonist of the moral commitment of the Church in defense of the dignity and human freedoms.

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