The "faraway look”: S.A.C.R.E.D. of Ai Wewei

    "A society without freedom of speech is a dark bottomless pit. And when it's so dark, everything else starts to shine. " Ai Weiwei

    La “mirada” lejana: S.A.C.R.E.D. de Ai Weiwei

    S.A.C.R.E.D., installation of Ai Weiwei, key and heart of this exhibition lies in the Cloister of the Cathedral. Ai Weiwei, a cultural figure of the first order of his generation, stands as a symbol of the artist committed to freedom of expression in the XXI century. Its moral position gives full meaning to the descriptive narration and personifies the strength of a contemporary artist who favors, with his work, his personal attitude and its active position against injustice and oppression, changing social attitude through art.

    S.A.C.R.E.D. it is the interpretation and representation of the own life experience of Ai Weiwei, realistic and, at the same time, deeply lyrical, when he reveals to the viewer the most painful and intimate moments of her captivity in China and underscores the relentless attack on his personal dignity and freedom that he, like many others, have suffered and continue suffering at the hands of the authorities in China and other countries in the world, where freedom of expression is subject by force.


    The installation consists of six parts: Dinner, Prosecutions, Cleaning Ritual, Entropy and Duda (which, in English, build the acronym that gives title). The proposal, historical in the work of the Chinese artist, consists of six large iron boxes with small openings such as those which are found on the door of a celda-, through which the viewer looks dioramas that contain inside. Each diorama includes a series of hyper-realistic models representing the artist and his captors, and thoroughly documents the details of the different stages of imprisonment: from the moment that is led to his cell to the interrogation, telling intimate and everyday moments of captivity and others more humiliating, like when he was forced to use the toilet or wash naked under the gaze of his captors...

    It will be the first time that this installation is displayed in Spain, thanks to the collaboration with the study of the artist and the Lisson Gallery of Londres.

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