Poetics of freedom - Exhibition in Cathedral of Cuenca

    2016 is a special year for the city of Cuenca becouse it celebrates several important ephemeris, that are the proof of its cultural and heritage force: the fourth centenary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes, the fivetieth anniversary of the creation of the Museum of Abstract Art (Cuenca) and twenty of the declaration of its historic centre as a World Heritage Side by Unesco.

    La poética de la libertad - Exhibition in Cathedral of Cuenca

    From July to November 2016, in an unprecedented move, the Santa Maria and San Julián Cathedral of cuenca, the main temple of the city becomes a big stage of contemporary art hosting Poetics of freedom, a unique exhibition project which is part of the official list of celebration of Cervantes 2016, an event of exceptional public interest.

    In Poetics of freedom and under a common conceptual framework, three exhibitions that aim to uncover and disseminate the ability of art to become a vehicle for the struggle for freedom of expression and the defense of human rights are articulated.

    The genius creator of power to power, the battle against physical and mental captivity, the triumph of freedom and poetry in a dialogue that spans the centuries ... Art and Freedom as a unit, as seen through the works of the creators that are nor subject that there are no boundaries between art and attitude because for them life, work and commitment are indivisible.

    The three exhibitions-different visions or "views" on the subject- are located in different areas of the cathedral, materializing the theme which is shared in three exhibition with an innovative, contemporary and highly aesthetic approach.

    Guided Tours

    You can make guided tours in Spanish and English (other languages, please ask)
    They will be available to those interested, in opening hours to the public of the Cathedral and by time slots,
    The price of the tour, to the previously established schedule is 2 additional euros per person entrance fee with a minimum group of 15 people. 
    To request a guided tour outside of the designated times, please inquire.
    The group rate includes the service at no additional cost.

    Virtual Tour

    The exhibition offers this service for free with the purchase of each entry, and includes, following a marked course, an explanation of the most relevant content of the sample as well as the exhibition space and its artists.
    You can access the service virtual tour from this link and it is recommended that you do once you are in the exhibition..

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