Legal Terms and Conditions

    1. The organization does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased outside the official outlets and not be responsible for entries acquired unofficial sales points.
    2. CATHEDRAL OF CUENCA not responsible for any price difference regarding tickets purchased through other means or sales channels.
    3. When buying your ticket, check that the date, time, location and price are correct, since no changes or refunds except be admissible if cancellation of the exhibition. In this case, the refund will be paid on the same credit card used for purchase.
    4. The entry must be kept complete and in good condition, may be denied admission otherwise. All tickets amended, broken, damaged or with signs of forgery, authorize the Organisation to deny entry to the premises.
    5. The organization all image rights and intellectual property exhibition reserves, prohibited any filming, recording or playback conditions inside the premises unless authorized by the organizer.
    6. Possession of a ticket does not entitle to use the same for advertising, marketing or promotion.
    7. Under the Act, the carrier authorizes the Organization to revisions and relevant records to verify that security conditions are met. The organization reserves the right of admission.
    8. Please be punctual. After the session for which it has purchased, faculty Organizer allowing access to the site.
    9. Singular Media & Entertainment. S.L. manages the distribution of tickets on behalf of the organizer, which is expressly exempt from any obligation and / or responsibility that falls to the Organizer. Any claims about the performance, suspension, modification or cancellation of the exhibition should contact the Organizer with the presentation of the entrance.
    10. For more information and consultation of general terms and conditions, visit the website of Singular Multimedia and Entertainment. S.L.
    Visitors should meet at all times the instructions of the Cathedral


    1. It is strictly forbidden to enter the grounds of the Cathedral with objects and substances which may pose a risk to the integrity of people and works of art, namely, weapons, ammunition or hazardous materials.
    2. No entry or consume food or drink inside the temple is supported.
    3. Access animals are not allowed, except guide dogs for accreditation
    4. Access to the Cathedral of those who are in obviously intoxicated or symptoms of being under the influence of drugs is not allowed.
    5. bulky backpacks should be hung on the chest.
    6. abandoned or forgotten items will be collected by the staff of the Cathedral and will be considered lost items.
    7. In case of evacuation, visitors leave the Cathedral in order, always following the directions of their staff and emergency signaling.
    8. The Cathedral is an artistic space but, above all, a religious and worship space. Visitors should dress appropriately and behave properly during the visit, avoid disturbing the rest of the public.

    9. During the visit, is not allowed:
    • Touching artworks
    • Sit on the floor or hinder the passage areas
    • Smoking in any of the spaces of the Cathedral
    • Eating or drinking
    • Take pictures with flash
    • To walk without shoes
    • Running through the interior of the Cathedral
    • Leaving children without control of an adult
    • Conduct surveys, actions or commercial, advertising or propaganda activities without authorization from the Cathedral

    10. In addition, visitors are requested:
    • Respect the safety distance of the artworks
    • Speaking undertone
    • Do not use your mobile phone to speak during the visit and take in silent mode

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