Luis Feito (Madrid, 1929)

    It is also one of the founding members of El Paso. Professor of the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando in 1954, abandoned teaching to live a scholarship in Paris, where he came into contact with the vanguard force.

    Luis Feito (Madrid, 1929)

    His first works fall within figurative painting, later through a phase in which experiments with cubism and finally enter fully into abstraction. Through their production, Feito claimed tension. His works have assumed a constructive sense assumed through the balance of non-geometric shapes, designed as living configurations, free and expansive stroke, suggesting a gestural painting and immediate action. His paintings are some meditation spaces, which create a meeting place of matter, color and vital commitment.


    "I want to live in reality, in all its rawness, to really express myself accordingly."
    Luis Feito

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