The Exhibition

    La poética de la libertad

    Poetics of Freedom - Presentation

    From July to November 2016, in an unprecedented move, the Santa Maria and San Julián Cathedral of Cuenca, the main temple of the city becomes a big stage of contemporary art hosting Poetics of freedom, a unique exhibition project which is part of the official list of celebration of Cervantes 2016, an event of exceptional public interest.

    In The Poetics of freedom and under a common conceptual framework, three exhibitions that aim to uncover and disseminate the ability of art to become a vehicle for the struggle for freedom of expression and the defense of human rights are articulated.

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    La “mirada” intemporal: Cervantes y la libertad

    The timeless “look”: Cervantes and the freedom

    Cervantes and freedom is a sign of timeless look that explores, in our time, in the way that freedom is an integral concept in life and in the literature of Miguel de Cervantes, for whom his years of captivity were definitive to time to draw, through writing, the moral portrait of his time, breaking all the molds and giving way, with the Quijote, the birth of the modern novel.

    It is impossible to understand the cervantino canon without the concepts of captivity and freedom, which are the essence of all his work.

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    La “mirada” lejana: S.A.C.R.E.D. de Ai Weiwei

    The "faraway look”: S.A.C.R.E.D. of Ai Wewei

    S.A.C.R.E.D., installation of Ai Weiwei, key and heart of this exhibition lies in the Cloister of the Cathedral. Ai Weiwei, a cultural figure of the first order of his generation, stands as a symbol of the artist committed to freedom of expression in the XXI century. Its moral position gives full meaning to the descriptive narration and personifies the strength of a contemporary artist who favors, with his work, his personal attitude and its active position against injustice and oppression, changing social attitude through art.

    S.A.C.R.E.D. it is the interpretation and representation of the own life experience of Ai Weiwei, realistic and, at the same time, deeply lyrical, when he reveals to the viewer the most painful and intimate moments of her captivity in China and underscores the relentless attack on his personal dignity and freedom that he, like many others, have suffered and continue suffering at the hands of the authorities in China and other countries in the world, where freedom of expression is subject by force.

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    La “mirada” cercana: Alta expresión

    The close “look”: High expression

    High expression, complements and at the same time give unitary sense to the two previous samples. This is an exhibition that sets the "closer look", the closest to us in space and time, and is conceived as an exercise in collective, in which works of Martin Chirino, Francisco Farreras, Luis Rafael Feito, Rafael Canogar, Antonio Saura, Gustavo Torner and Fernando Zóbel., essential figures of Spanish informalism exhibited, interspersed with photographs of John Barte.

    It will be an excellent opportunity to see the works, sketches, ideas and intermediate processes in creating these artists who fought, getting, for breaking the ethical and intellectual captivity of an era, after them, and did not return to be the same in the territory of art. An artistic process that shown in vibrant dialogue with the photos which captured them in full creative action, as frank as shocking snapshots....

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